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    Affordable optometry services in Mildura

    Your eyesight is precious and deserves the very best in care. At Mildura Optical, we have a highly committed team that is focused on providing quality optometry services for your entire family. Whether you are looking for reliable eye care advice or would like stylish new frames, Mildura Optical can take care of your needs.

    Eye care

    Eyesight is one of our most precious abilities, and deterioration can be so gradual that it often goes unnoticed.That’s why, at Mildura Optical, we utilise the latest technology to examine your eyes and detect potential problems early.

    Our eye examinations are comprehensive and our team will make sure that you leave with more than just the right prescription.We want to be sure that you understand how to effectively care for your eyes at home.

    By monitoring the health of your eyes, we can detect any early signs of glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration or cataracts, and provide effective solutions to preserve and promote eyesight longevity. 

    To find out more about our optometry services call 03 5023 2419 today

    Children’s vision screening

    We also offer paediatric optometry. If you have any concerns about your child’s eyesight, including squints and lazy eyes, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with our team.
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    Whilst eyewear maybe essential to improve your vision, choosing the right frames can make you look fantastic and give you a great confidence boost, too! In addition to proving a comprehensive eye care service, we also provide a wide range of eyewear to suit everyone.

    We stock a fantastic selection of quality frames for both children and adults, from budget spectacles to designer brands. If you wish to opt for a more subtle solution, we also stock an array of contact lenses from leading manufacturers.

    • Spectacle frames, both budget & designer
    • Optical lenses
    • Contact lenses
    • Sunglasses
    • Sporting eyewear

    If you have concerns regarding your vision or current eyewear, our qualified optometrists will thoroughly examine your eyes and offer you honest, reliable advice.

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